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Monday, January 7, 2008

HD or Blu Ray?

Blu Ray has just won quite a victory in the High Definition format wars the other day with Warner Brothers Studios committing to producing its newest line of high-definition DVDs in the Blu-ray format.

The company said on Friday that it would abandon the competing HD-DVD format in May and distribute all film and television discs in standard DVD or Blu-ray.


The war is far from over but it's not looking good for HD DVD anymore.

I have already bought a Toshiba HD DVD player and my HD film library consists of a few films (Planet Earth Series, Casablanca, The Shining, 2001 Space Odyssey) ... I'd hate these items to be worthless someday.

but then again ... if Blu Ray wins I'll just have to go out and get a Playstation 3.

Oh darn. :)


Evil Evil Genius said...

Just saw a Blu Ray demo at Best Buy. I have to say that it is noticeably better than HD DVD and by far the best picture quality I have seen. I have never been wowed by HD anything, but that got me. Though with porn choosing HD DVD, you would think it would be a lock.

J (Son et Lumiere) ... said...

You must be tripping because the differences between HD and Blu Ray should not be distinguishable. They both have the same maximum resolutions. It was probably the TV you were watching it on. That can make the difference. My HD DVD player looks far better on my Samsung 40" LCD than on my father's Samsung 52" DLP when we compared it over xmas.

Evil Evil Genius said...

I guess the TV and the cables and everything matter too. I am going to just keep lugging my Trinitron around as long as i can hold out.