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Monday, August 6, 2007

Landscaping 106

The mixture of rain and extreme heat has kept me from working on my backyard landscaping as often as I would like so I installed a ceiling fan in my bedroom this weekend instead.

I did however find time to make one run to Home Depot early on Sunday to grab the last of the retaining wall stones that I needed to complete the second wall. As I was loading the stones into my car at Home Depot it started to rain. I got home and wanted to just leave the stones in my car since it was so wet out but I had a meeting to get to and I didn't want to drag over 400 lbs of stone all over town with me (bad for my little old Ford Escort). I sucked it up and started to unload the stones in the rain. This meant taking the stones (two at a time) from my car at street level, up my front steps to a dolly, then carting the dolly full of stones (about 8 stones) around to the back of the house and then unloading them in the backyard.

... not much fun ... especially when it's pouring down rain.

But then the coolest thing happened ... as I was returning to the front of my house with the empty dolly after the first load of stones ... I see my neighbor reaching into the back of my station wagon. He didn't say anything ... he just grabbed some stones and started up my front steps to help me. We finished the job in half the time it would have taken me and I thanked him as he ran back to his house for cover.

Damn, I have nice neighbors.


Evil Genius said...

Only in PGH.

mark said...

yeah...what EvilGenius said.