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Monday, July 9, 2007

Landscaping 103

My friends, 'Clover' and 'Uncle Cracker' were kind enough to offer their assistance in some backyard chores on Sunday morning. We made one Home Depot run and did some limited yard work but retired early because it was too damn hot outside.

Plan B - Wine tasting 101

Back Story: Every year my father makes homemade wine with his buddies. They buy different grapes to make different reds and whites. It takes them about 7 months, from start to finish, to make the final product. This year, they produced over 1,200 bottles of wine. This is a serious endeavor to these guys. Anyway, I help out by procuring empty wine bottles for them to reuse ... either from the club I used to work at or from my and my friends own consumption. As pay back, I am given my own stash of fresh bottles of wine.

So this year I was given 26 regular bottles and 6 magnum bottles of wine; 3 different reds and 1 Zinfandel and 1 Chardonnay.

I've been waiting for an excuse to dig into this collection to sample this year's wine my father and his buddies made. Sunday afternoon was the perfect time.

'Clover', 'Uncle Cracker' and myself ended up 'sampling' (read:drinking) 3 bottles ... two reds, a Valdepena and Malvoise, and the White Zinfandel. All of them excellent.

Needless to say, no other yardwork was completed that afternoon.

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rachel said...

all these code names! it's so mysterious!! is it Courtney and Matty?