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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Brazil - 4 vs USA - 0

Oh well. The USA Women's Team's 50 game winning streak is over ... and Brazil moves into the finals against defending world cup winner Germany.

Brazil was the better team even with all of the controversy surrounding the game.

Although, the double yellow card foul that took Shannon Boxx out of the game was still a horrible call. USA should not have been playing the game a player down.

Halftime report

Disastrous first half for the USA women's team in the semi finals against Brazil. Brazil leads 2 - 0 ... with USA actually scoring one of those goals in their own goal by accident ... and one USA player is already out of the game with a double yellow card (horrible, horrible call by the ref), leaving the US playing a person down. Ugh.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Women's World Cup Soccer

I've been watching it lately ... I've caught bits and pieces of many different games and I've watched all 3 games the United States have played so far but this morning is the first game I got to watch live as it was happening.

Since the WWC is taking place in China, all of the games are broadcasted live here in the States at ridiculous hours in the morning. This morning, however, the game started live at 8am so I decided to stay home and watch it. The other two games were played at 5am our time so I had to catch them rebroadcasted later.

(what has having cable done to me?)

USA won 1 to 0 over Nigeria today and have advanced on to the next round to play England this Saturday at 8am.

Fly! be free!

Yup, I let the mouse go last night. I thought about keeping him for a second but then I realized really didn't want to spend any money on buying even the bare necessities it would take to keep some small animal I found in my backyard. He seemed to be in pretty good health - he was way more alert and energetic than he was the day before - so I let him go in the back yard right around the same place I found him.

I wouldn't be surprised if I see him hanging around though. I ended up staying outside to do some weeding last night and the mouse just hung out around me for the entire time I was out there.

Monday, September 17, 2007

oh hai!

Seems my friends are already having fun with this ...
Photo given the "I can has Cheeseburger" treatment by Jack Wilson.

Another Busy Weekend

Saw some bands, ate some great food, hung out with friends.

Saw the great psychedlic, organ, funk duo Eymarel play live at the shadowlounge. If you ever get a chance to seem them please don't hesistate.

Hit up the Ellsworth Avenue Arts Festival and caught local friends Soma Mestizo onstage.

Got to see Brother Mike DJing some deep house music outside at the festival.

Checked out the Duke of Ribs competition at the Union Project Saturday afternoon. Got there late so I only got to sample 2 of the 11 chefs competing. Still worth it though. Plus I stuffed my face on some Mac n' Cheese.

I also finally got to put a face with the voice of Tony Mowod, legendary Jazz radio personality, since he was a judge of the rib contest.
He looked nothing like I thought he would.

Netflix Update

I'm still sitting here on the unwatched disc 5 of the first season of Heroes on DVD ... it's been 7 days since I posted about my queue mishap and I am still waiting on discs 3 and 4. 7 Days ... and according to the website those discs aren't shipping until today so I won't be receiving them until tomorrow. 8 days. That's a pretty long turn around don't you think? Damn you Netflix.

Say hello to my little friend ...

I found this little guy yesterday morning when I was watering my newly planted lawn. I apparently doused him with the hose because I didn't see him until he was a small, rolled up ball of wet fur cowering in the corner by my retaining wall. When I approached him he didn't run, instead he just sat there trembling. I must have traumatized him ... plus it was a pretty chilly day so the cold water from the hose didn't help. I felt bad so I picked him up, wrapped him in a towel and put him in a box so he could warm back up before I let him go.

Around 1pm some friends came over and I took them outside to show them my new friend. That's when I noticed another small field mouse sitting over by my retaining wall. This one didn't run either when I approached it. It was weird. I let the first mouse go since he was dry by now, placing him next to the other mouse. Again, they just sat there ... sniffing around looking up at us. It was sort of surreal.

I checked back outside later in the day to see if they were still hanging around but didn't see any sign of either of them.

Then around 7pm, I was telling a friend who wasn't around earlier in the day about the mice ... I pointed outside to where I found them and low and behold, there was one of the little guys sitting by the retaining wall again ... rolled up in a little ball, shaking like crazy.

This time I grabbed him and brought him into the house. The temperature last night was going down into the 40's and it appeared that this mouse was not handling it well. I wrapped him up again (assuming this was the same mouse from earlier in the day) and put him in a tall 5 gallon bucket with some bread and cheese. He was acting pretty lethargic, eyes half closed ... kind of just laying motionless in the towel. I let him rest for a few hours.

Finally, around 10pm I picked the little guy up and shoved a piece of cheese in his face to see if he would eat it and almost instantly the little guy started to come back to life. He grabbed the cheese and scarfed it down.

He was back. He started climbing around, sniffing, looking at me ... I put him down and he started scampering around the bucket. It was pretty funny. I was still amazed though at how tame this mouse was ... not trying to run away ... but rather coming to me when I held a piece of cheese up to him. For a second I thought that maybe I found a new pet ...

Anyway, the mouse spent the night in the bucket and he seemed pretty lively this morning when I checked on him. The temperature is going back up into the 70's today so I plan on letting him go when I get home from work ... unless I get home to find him sporting some khakis and red Chucky T's and riding around in a convertible ... then I think I might just have to keep him.

The End.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Wow, did I ever screw up my queue. Since I hardly watch cable TV, I'm trying to watch the first season of 'Heroes' on DVD right now. It's a 7 disc set and I watched disc 1 and 2 through Netflix and then I received disc 5. Huh? Now I have to wait until later this week to get disc 3 and 4 before I can watch 5 ... all because I wasn't paying attention.

Not that it's news worthy ... just pretty dumb on my part for not noticing this before they shipped. I hate having a Netflix movie laying around for a week because I don't have time to watch it ... but this is even worse ... I have the time but I'm out of sequential order.

and actually, so far, the show isn't doing it for me. It's kind of getting there but we'll see.

This Thursday

Jack's been nimble ... Jack's been quick ... Jack's got a new EP coming out this week.

There will be free CDs of Jack Wilson's latest EP given out this Thursday at the Shadowlounge. The new EP will feature a new remix I did of the song 'One Day at a Time' - an original song Jack and I did together over a year ago. You'll have to come out to the show to check it out.

Jack will also be performing that night with his other collaboration, Wovoka.

... and don't sleep on catching the psychedelic organ sounds of Eymarel from North Carolina.

Plenty of talent and entertainment this Thursday Night ... all for $5 ... plus free CDs and free Hors d'oevres from Kevin Sousa, nationally known for his Alchemy Dinners at the Bigalow Grill.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Alt. Transportation Fest.

I did however meet with Nathaniel Doyno of Steel City Biofuels on Labor Day morning to discuss the Alternative Transportation Fest that he is coordinating to take place here in Pittsburgh on October 5th. This will be the next project/committee I will be working with in my spare time.
The ATF is an event to raise public awareness of alternative means of transportation and advocate for the use of public transportation, car-sharing, alternative fuels, and human-powered vehicles. This project will combine internationally observed events with Pittsburgh’s own innovations and activities.

The combination of a vital public transit system, locally-led innovation in alternative fuels and vehicles, and a growing community of activists and operators makes Pittsburgh an urban center at the forefront of alternative transportation solutions to pressing national and international issues on fossil fuel consumption, carbon-based pollution and urban living.

Planned festival activities (at 3 seperate locations; Southside Works on the Southside, Market Sq in Downtown and Schenley Plaza in Oakland) include bike repair workshops, a “bike-buddy program”, a shower subsidy at the downtown YMCA for cyclists, biodiesel production and straight vegetable oil conversion workshops, free music and food, speakers, alternative transportation art and writing competitions, raffles (with significant prizes like free bus fare for a year, one year FlexCar membership, an expensive bike, one months worth of biodiesel or ethanol, etc.), car-sharing and car-pooling demos, alternative fuel vehicle, hybrid, and “Smart-Car” demos, a themed scavenger hunt, location specific prizes based on size of participants carbon footprints, and carbon foot print inflatibles.

We hope that the event will decrease the number of daily commuters that drive alone, increase public transit rider ship levels and utilization of the “Ride, Rack & Roll” program, strengthen efforts to secured dedicated funding for public transit, increase the number of daily commuter cyclists and participation in cycling programs, increase awareness about bike safety issues, increase the number of participants in car-sharing and car-pooling programs, increase the number of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles, and increase the use of alternative fuels.

Socially Lazy

Wow ... I've been socially lazy these last few days ... and there was so much going on here in 'burgh. I mean ... I've been busy doing other stuff, working on my backyard (given) and visiting family over Labor Day Weekend. I just wasn't feeling like going out and being social ... which is definitely *not* my usual M.O.
Jeez, here is what I missed these last few days:

1. Foghat - Heinz Field free concert - Even without the original lead singer, they are always worth checking out. I got to see them, I think it was in 94, opening up for REO Speedwagon. ah ... you know you can't fight the feeling.

2. The Big Throwback Funk & Soul Party - Brillobox - again, over 200 people there before midnight. Actually, I was okay with missing this month's party. I needed a break from the usual crowded, sweaty, too cool for school dance off.
3. Omega Love with The Mandrake Project and DJ Supa C - Rex Theater - You couldn't ask for a better lineup of Pgh local musicians and Mandrake Project is definitely becoming one of my favorite bands to see live here in the 'burgh. Too bad the show was on the Southside on a friday night. Lack of parking and too many publicly intoxicated college kids keep me away from that side of town on the weekends.
4. Mifune - Shadowlounge - Cleveland Afro Electronique Music - solid music from this crew though I have never actually seen them live. My only exposure to them is their last album, a gift given to me from the lead singer of Kokolo.

5. James Brown vs. George Clinton Funkierweight Champion of the World DJ Battle - Shadowlounge - Enough said.
6. Bad Company - Heinz Field free concert - okay ... this I could miss since Paul Rogers is no longer with them.