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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Recent Parties of Mine Pt. 1

First, there was Anthony J's going away party held at Alto Lounge on Friday, March 28th. Anthony's a cool friend and fellow DJ in the club scene here in PGH. I first met Anthony when I snuck him into my then club night over at Club Havana back when he was still only 20 years old. My friends Jwan and Tom Cox told me about this new young kid they met hanging around the 720 Record Store who was really knowledgable about techno and house music. They wanted to bring him by the club but knew he wasn't 21. I told them to bring him by anyway (our bouncer would just have to look the other way). Eventually, Anthony became weekly fixture at the club (even celebrating his 21st birthday there) and he went on to spin for me on numerous occasions. Anyway, Anthony recently joined the Navy and asked if I could coordinate a last minute going away party for him before he was shipped off to boot camp March 30th. I moved the schedule around so that he and some of his (our) closest DJ friends could all have anight to themselves at the club I promote for now, Alto Lounge. The night was packed. All kinds of people came out of the woodwork to bid good wishes to Anthony. It was a great evening.

Here are a few pics:

Anthony playing to the crowd

Standing room only on the dance floor

View from behind the decks

Someone brought a trumpet

The rest fo the pics can be seen in my flickr album.

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