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Monday, October 15, 2007

Tacos, Meetings and Fear and Loathing at the Flea Market.

Friday night was 'Build your own Taco' Buffet night at my house ... beef AND chicken (yeah, you know it). 'Clover', 'Uncle Cracker' and 'JimmyAndrewForest' were in attendance. We drank plenty of wine (5 bottles) and watched the movie, 'Blades of Glory' (which I felt was one of Will Farrell's funnier movies). 'Uncle Cracker' fell asleep (no surprise) but not before launching a glass of wine over my coffee table and across the floor. Still though, no major accidents on my couch (knock on wood).

Saturday, I nursed a hangover all day. I also had to go to a work meeting with the environmental production company I am a part of. We met in the back room of the Coffee Tree in Shadyside to discuss some Restorative Events ... ah ... events. Nice meeting place but when we got there the back room was filled with people chilling and/or studying. Seems the coffee place failed to remember that we reserved the back room the day before. After much explaining and negotiating we were able to get management to kick out all of the people (I know ... nice move on our part). I didn't care either way. I was pretty much useless at the meeting anyway (aforementioned hangover).

Sunday morning, around 8:30am, I set out a plate of old bread in my backyard for the birds. By 9am, the bread had attracted a very large doe to my backyard (I didn't even know deer liked bread). This was perfect because I was hosting breakfast at my house for 5 friends that I invited to go with me to the local flea market. They arrived at 9am, finally getting a chance to see a deer that I am always talking about. After a breakfast of eggs, sausage, potatoes and coffee, we headed to the flea market. It was a beautiful day but the market was slow. No cool finds for me this time.

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Evil Genius said...

Sounds like lots of fun. I wish I could be one of your friends.