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Friday, July 27, 2007

Big Throwback #16

Another month, another Thursday Night and another Big Throwback Dance Party. A hot, sweaty, cramped, all 45's, Funk and Soul Dance Party.

This months Guest DJ was David Griffiths ... resident DJ at the Bumpshop in NYC.

David has worked with the likes of DJ Shadow and is currently working for Little Louie Vega ... I had a chance to sit with David before his set ... we talked about the scene and the music. He was very impressed with Pittsburgh, liking the fact that everyone was dancing and not just sitting around. He said in NYC people are more pretentious, are more worried about how they look and would be embarrassed to 'let go' like we were. Nice to hear. I could tell he was excited to play. He also mentioned that one of his latest projects is an all funk album by artists from around the Aliquippa area; my home town ... the Quip Town Beat Down. He ended up giving me a 45 of a new release on the label he's working with ... a reissue of a Mellow Madness record with remixes by the one and only Kenny Dope.

Anyway ... here are some pics of the crowded dance floor:

Photos courtesy of 'J Mall$'.

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