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Saturday, July 14, 2007


The Nomo show on Thursday night was awesome. If you like funky music then I recommend seeing them any chance you get. Their shows are full of energy and every performer (8 of them usually) is incredibly talented. They mainly play Afro beat but they don't strictly stay within that genre ...

They ended their show by coming out and playing in the middle of the audience. It was beautiful. Here is a clip from SXSW where they did the same thing:

I also caught the last 5 songs of the Souls of Mischief show. I wasn't that impressed (glad I didn't have to pay). It was a typical Pgh old school hip hop show. The rappers yapped too much in between songs about how old school they were ... then they all shouted their lyrics at the same time ... blasting the speakers and driving everything, mixer and amps, into the red. Sound was terrible but the sound guy couldn't do anything. I did get to see them perform their classic hit, '93 til infinity, though ...

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