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Friday, February 15, 2008

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

I had my very first MRI done yesterday afternoon. Seems I hurt my left shoulder last summer working on the landscaping in my back yard. Probably a result from the hundreds of pounds of dirt and rocks I shoveled and moved during the process. Anyway ... the more I exercise now, the worse my shoulder is getting. Time to finally get it checked out.

It was a long, tiresome day. Before the visit, I spent over an hour and half sitting in the waiting room in my backless gown, watching Days of Our Lives and Judge Judy with a bunch of elderly, sick people. Sort of depressing. The MRI itself wasn't too bad (not claustraphobic). It was very painful because of the way they had to have me lay in the machine with a cast contraption around my shoulder. Actually, I experienced a horrible new pain that I have never felt before because they had me lay in a way that I would never lay on my own ... and then, as proceedure, I had to hold still in that position, motionless, for 25 minutes ... ugh. Not fun. But I did my best to ignore it and I did almost fall asleep.

Oh, and to make the appointment even more special, there was some sort of field trip of med students coming through during my visit and they used me as the 'example' for the class. Four young, pre-med females all standing there watching me wince my way through the MRI while my butt is hanging out of my gown.


Next step is for me to meet up with some UPMC Sports Medicine people so they can have a further look at what might be wrong with my shoulder. That isn't until a few weeks from now. Until then, the docs got me on Vicoden, when needed, to ease the pain.


Evil Evil Genius said...

Yikes! Good luck with all that.

Evil Evil Genius said...

Ahem..."It's in your teeth, Bob!"

Moon said...

at least you didn't have the die crap shot into you (if you did, you would have mentioned it). stick a needle deep into the offending tissue, then use some kind of tomography hoo-ha to actually maneuver the needle to the optimal position, while you watch, before filling the area with all sorts of evil toxic crap. FUN!

i was claustrophobic for five minutes -- i counted about 200breaths before i got myself entirely in order -- then i had to fight nodding off and jerking in the machine and screwing the whole thing up.

oh, and i also made it to within about five feet of the machine with my wallet in my pocket before the tech stopped me. i was sure i'd erased all of my credit cards.

Moon said...

i meant "dye crap"