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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Planning Ahead and Getting Things in Order

I went out to the Shadow Lounge last night to support my friend's new Open Stage / Acoustic Music night called Netrock.

I got to hear some pretty amazing local artists last night, including Autumn Ayers and Paul Tabachneck. The crowd was pretty good for a wednesday night. I'm hoping to see more heads show up as this night builds.

While I was at the S'Lounge I was able to sit down with the owner and go over some of the upcoming events that I am promoting. We sat down with our calendars and figured out what's happening for the next couple of months.

First up @ the S'Lounge, Friday March 7th, I will be promoting/hosting the next Official Unblurred Gallery Crawl After Party featuring the music of the afro-electronique band Mifune. Mifune always draws a great crowd ... this coupled with the fact that the last Gallery Crawl After Party I helped throw drew in a packed house ... I'm hoping that this event will be off the hook.

Second up @ the S'Lounge, Friday, April 4th, I will be throwing another After Party for the Gallery Crawl but at the same time I will be teaming up with the people over at Justharvest.org, a local nonprofit anti-hunger / economic justice organization, to help them raise some money (and awarerness) for their group. All proceeds from the door will be donated to them. We'll also have voter registration available all night long. As for the entertainment, it's a ways off but we're thinking Spoken Word performances followed by the usual Northern Funk and Soul and Old School Hip Hop DJs.

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