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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Them bones ...

I visited with my UPMC Sports Medicine Therapist this week and got my MRI results back for my shoulder. I have a tear in the cartilage between the head of the arm bone and the shoulder blade. Not that big of a deal. I sort of expected this from all of the digging and lifting I did last year (landscaping) and this is what is mostly causing me pain. I could possibly use surgery but they want to look at other things first. I have to get another MRI of my cervical spine done tomorrow to hopefully shed some light on the other pain I am experiencing in my neck, left arm and shoulder blade area. Again, not that big of a deal, I've had a spinal MRI done in the past with the dye injection and all and I know this needs looked at. I'm also getting an EMG Nerve Conduction Test done in March to figure out why my left arm and sometimes hand keeps falling asleep. Okay ... this I've never had done before but I'll go along with it.

... but the kicker is that the Shoulder MRI picked up something they were not looking for ... an Incidental Bone Lesion was found in my left upper arm bone and now the doctors are more concerned with this and want this prioritized.

I basically went in for shoulder pain and I came out with a possible bone tumor! Wait what? Am I in the right place?

I had blood work done right away yesterday to look for any abnormalities caused by this Bone Lesion and the doctor called me last night to tell me that my blood work came back normal. That is a relief.

I'm seeing an orthopedic bone specialist first thing Monday morning to get a better diagnosis of this Lesion thing. Worse case is that they want to do a biopsy after my visit on Monday and then we'll go from there. Best case is that the Bone Lesion is only a bruise. It's all a little bit unsettling but I don't have any finite results yet so I'm trying not to let it bother me too much.

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Grant Wentzel said...

Hey man -- thanks for posting this. I'll be back for updates on your continued improvement.