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Sunday, August 12, 2007

48 Hour Film Project Update 4

Yesterday was the awards ceremony and final screening of the ten best pgh films submitted to the contest. I didn't make it to the show because I was hosting people at my house but was at home eagerly awaiting a text message with the results. Around 8pm I still hadn't heard anything from the film maker so I texted asking, "so how did the film do?"

my phone lit up instantly with a response, "we won!"

Ha ha ha. I literally jumped out of my seat.

A little later I received another text message stating, "We also won Audience Choice, Best Editing, Best Direction (honorable mention) as well as Best in the City. We're making another movie for the national contest."

Wow ... that is completely awesome and I am so excited for Orionvega Designs. I'm also pretty psyched that I was a part of the whole project, even if it was in such a small amount.

Prizes for City Winner:
  • A Trophy
  • Filmapalooza: The City Winner will be screened at Filmapalooza, the official 48Hour Film Project Awards Weekend, held in the past at SXSW in Austin and Cinequest in San Jose.

  • National DVD Distribution: A selection of the City Winning films will receive distribution on DVD.

  • Second-round contests: US City Winners are eligible for the Fall Shootout and HD Showdown.
and now ... on to the national competition.

You can go here to see the results yourself.

and you can check out their short film that won it all at this website.