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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Radio play ...

I also just got word yesterday that my last DJ mix is going to be aired on our local radio station 91.3 FM WYEP at the end of the month. A buddy who is programming director for the station heard my mix over at radiohypno.com (Thanks again to Hypnotyza) and contacted me about hosting it on his show called The Dubmission.

But it doesn't end there ... as well as getting radio play ... my mix will also be hosted as a podcast ... plus hosted and played on lastfm.com, beyondjazz.net and virb.com as well as in the giantstep.net forums and on radiopellenera.com out of Italy.

I'll take it.

The mix will be played here on our local FM between the hours of 2am to 3:45am on Sunday Sept. 2nd.


Courtney said...


Evil Genius said...

Just remember. I will be riding your coattails.

J (Son et Lumiere) ... said...

Wasn't it supposed to be the other way around? My Paul Schaffer to your David Letterman?