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Friday, August 10, 2007

Welcome to the Dark Ages

So I was without electricity at my home for a total of 17 hours yesterday. 2 hours in the morning and then another 15 hours from mid-afternoon to early this morning.

15 hours ... 2:56pm Thursday through 5:55am Friday morning to be exact. (I know this because I was home for most of the day - the building where I have my office located was also without power for half of the afternoon.)

17 hours is a little ridiculous ... Granted, the storms that hit Western Pa yesterday were pretty bad ... I wouldn't be that upset ... but what was really annoying me (other than having to sit in the dark and heat) was that half of the houses on my street had power restored to them as early as 9pm last night. I could look out of the 2nd floor window of my house, out over the rest of my neighborhood, and see that all of the homes had electricy. I called the Electric Company to ask about this but I only got an automated response telling me I would have power restored by midnight. It really did seem like my street, or half of my street, was the only one in the dark.

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