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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Budos Band

I went and saw The Budos Band play at the Shadowlounge last night. Wow ... yet another funky night in the 'burgh. The Budos Band is an 11 piece afro beat band on Daptone Records hailing from Staten Island ... and I'll just say that they blew the room away. The air conditioning definitely lost the battle last night against the heat radiating from the 100 or so people that crammed the lounge. At one point, I saw 'SMI' pushing his way through the dancefloor holding an industrial floor fan high above his head just trying to cool off the overheating crowd and bring some relief ... but hey, what's a good funk and soul party if you don't have a standing room only crowd of sweaty people all dancin' and groovin' ready to pass out from the heat?

and here is a video by them:

I ended the night by hitting up Kelly's Bar and Lounge for last call. 'Meg F' and I danced to some Sam Cooke played from the jukebox and then we closed the night out with a sing along to some Johnny Cash. Pretty good for a wednesday night.