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Monday, September 10, 2007

This Thursday

Jack's been nimble ... Jack's been quick ... Jack's got a new EP coming out this week.

There will be free CDs of Jack Wilson's latest EP given out this Thursday at the Shadowlounge. The new EP will feature a new remix I did of the song 'One Day at a Time' - an original song Jack and I did together over a year ago. You'll have to come out to the show to check it out.

Jack will also be performing that night with his other collaboration, Wovoka.

... and don't sleep on catching the psychedelic organ sounds of Eymarel from North Carolina.

Plenty of talent and entertainment this Thursday Night ... all for $5 ... plus free CDs and free Hors d'oevres from Kevin Sousa, nationally known for his Alchemy Dinners at the Bigalow Grill.

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