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Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Busy Weekend

Saw some bands, ate some great food, hung out with friends.

Saw the great psychedlic, organ, funk duo Eymarel play live at the shadowlounge. If you ever get a chance to seem them please don't hesistate.

Hit up the Ellsworth Avenue Arts Festival and caught local friends Soma Mestizo onstage.

Got to see Brother Mike DJing some deep house music outside at the festival.

Checked out the Duke of Ribs competition at the Union Project Saturday afternoon. Got there late so I only got to sample 2 of the 11 chefs competing. Still worth it though. Plus I stuffed my face on some Mac n' Cheese.

I also finally got to put a face with the voice of Tony Mowod, legendary Jazz radio personality, since he was a judge of the rib contest.
He looked nothing like I thought he would.

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