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Monday, September 10, 2007


Wow, did I ever screw up my queue. Since I hardly watch cable TV, I'm trying to watch the first season of 'Heroes' on DVD right now. It's a 7 disc set and I watched disc 1 and 2 through Netflix and then I received disc 5. Huh? Now I have to wait until later this week to get disc 3 and 4 before I can watch 5 ... all because I wasn't paying attention.

Not that it's news worthy ... just pretty dumb on my part for not noticing this before they shipped. I hate having a Netflix movie laying around for a week because I don't have time to watch it ... but this is even worse ... I have the time but I'm out of sequential order.

and actually, so far, the show isn't doing it for me. It's kind of getting there but we'll see.


Evil Genius said...

I was trying to watch this on TV, but it didn't really hold my interest. I thought about adding it to my queue as well. Thank you for making me aware of potential perils.

Evil Genius said...
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