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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Socially Lazy

Wow ... I've been socially lazy these last few days ... and there was so much going on here in 'burgh. I mean ... I've been busy doing other stuff, working on my backyard (given) and visiting family over Labor Day Weekend. I just wasn't feeling like going out and being social ... which is definitely *not* my usual M.O.
Jeez, here is what I missed these last few days:

1. Foghat - Heinz Field free concert - Even without the original lead singer, they are always worth checking out. I got to see them, I think it was in 94, opening up for REO Speedwagon. ah ... you know you can't fight the feeling.

2. The Big Throwback Funk & Soul Party - Brillobox - again, over 200 people there before midnight. Actually, I was okay with missing this month's party. I needed a break from the usual crowded, sweaty, too cool for school dance off.
3. Omega Love with The Mandrake Project and DJ Supa C - Rex Theater - You couldn't ask for a better lineup of Pgh local musicians and Mandrake Project is definitely becoming one of my favorite bands to see live here in the 'burgh. Too bad the show was on the Southside on a friday night. Lack of parking and too many publicly intoxicated college kids keep me away from that side of town on the weekends.
4. Mifune - Shadowlounge - Cleveland Afro Electronique Music - solid music from this crew though I have never actually seen them live. My only exposure to them is their last album, a gift given to me from the lead singer of Kokolo.

5. James Brown vs. George Clinton Funkierweight Champion of the World DJ Battle - Shadowlounge - Enough said.
6. Bad Company - Heinz Field free concert - okay ... this I could miss since Paul Rogers is no longer with them.

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Evil Genius said...

If I viewed my life from the perspective of what I missed I'd be depressed all the time!

Oh, wait...