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Monday, March 10, 2008

EMG Test

Today I had my first ever EMG Nerve Conductive Test. The doctors tested my left shoulder, arm and hand to see if I am experiencing any nerve damage. The test was actually kind of fun. They first wire your fingers up with electrodes and then they take this metal wand that they stick into parts of your hand and arm which sends small jolts into you that make your muscles jump involuntarily. Cool. They also stick a small electrode needle into various muscles to record nerve patterns. This wasn't as cool. I'll get the results back when I see my Spinal Surgeon on Friday.


Evil Genius said...

Wow, this is weird. I wasn't even checking in on your blog. I was just Googling "hot teenage chicks in paper gowns" and wound up here on accident. What a coincidence!

wza said...

preparing for surgery or meeting xenu? that's some crazy e-meter shit.