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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Them Meds Pt. 2

So this Neurontin medication I'm taking until surgery has me feeling pretty good; taking away most of the pain I was feeling from the two herniated discs. However, it also has me feeling pretty loopy from time to time ... and not in a good way. The feelings come and go. One minute I can be fine, fully aware, awake ... the next minute I'll forget how to spell my name and have trouble forming complete sentences. It's really weird.

Today I locked myself out of my office. Locked my car keys, house keys and office keys all in the office that I rent out for my company. In the 8 years I've been a tenant in this building, I have never locked myself out of my office. (I'm starting to realize I get so absent minded when this drug kicks in.) I had to go get the building manager to help me out and while we were talking in the elevator on the way back to my office, he even asked me if I was alright. He probably thought I was drunk or stoned. I explained briefly my situation and said I was on medication that makes me a little loppy and has me 'doing stuff that I never do before like locking myself out of my office.' (I actually said 'that I never do before'.) I tried to correct myself but the building manager just looked at me in silence.

And the other day I found a melted ice cream sandwich laying out on my kitchen counter (with one bite taken out of it). After seeing it, I smacked my lips and I was like, 'you know, I do taste chocolate ... hhmm ... wonder when I did that?'

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