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Friday, March 28, 2008

My head is going to explode ...

I skipped going out last night to see Del La Soul in concert over at Margarita Mama's (actually not bad place for a show - just a bad place any other time). I've actually seen them three times before and have met Plug One, Plug Two and Mace on two different occasions so I wasn't in a hurry to go.

I stayed in though because I'm knee deep in trying to hook up, figure out and learn how to run the new M-Audio Axiom 61 Midi Controller and M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB Interface I recently purchased.

I was on the phone for close to an hour with customer support last night (read: my friend 'DJ Society' down in Atlanta*)

Anyway, I've been producing music via Reason 3.0 on my laptop and through some local studios for a few years now. It's about time I got some better equipment at my house. At the very least it's been fun to have a playable keyboard in the house again, I miss just playing the piano ... and with the laptop I can call up 1,000s of sounds; anything from a Grand Piano, a Wurlitzer or Hammond Organ to some Strings, Woodwinds or crazy synths.

*'Buddy': I'm sorry I called your dad right in the middle of story time.


Evil Genius said...

You need a camera now..."Hello, YouTubes!"

rachel said...

Sadie wants me to say, "It's ok Jason, but only because I talk about you every week and i luuuurrrrve you so much."