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Thursday, June 14, 2007

It rained ...

... and the parents bailed on going to the Pirate Game with me last night. I saw it coming and I pretty much talked them out of it anyway because I could tell that they weren't into it since the weather wasn't favorable. I didn't want to drag my parents to a game if they were going to be uncomfortable. My friend 'Uncle Cracker' and I still went. I didn't even bother trying to scalp the 2 other unused tickets. It was nice having the space of four seats for two people to lounge in. I got the tickets through the Small Business Council of Pittsburgh (a group I belong too since I am a small business owner) and I'll be able to get more so the parents will get another chance to go. The tickets included a free pregame food buffet provided by a local Bar located across the street from the stadium. 'Uncle Cracker' and I chilled there while the storm passed and by game time (actually delayed 30 min) the weather had cleared up, the temp dropped about 10 degrees and the rest of the night was beautiful. Of course the 'rents called around the 3rd inning to profess their grief for ditching the game. Oh well ... and the Pirates won too.

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Evil Genius said...

I spent a rain delay at PNC in the Outback with my brother. The only Outback I know of where you can get a steak salad.