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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Last minute disappointment

Well last night was a bust.

I was supposed to help coordinate a surprise 'welcome home' party for a good friend's girlfriend who was arriving back to Pgh after a lengthy stay in her homeland of Belgium. I was to go to his house while he was at the airport picking her up from her connecting flight in Chicago so I could set up some music, get food and drinks ready and welcome arriving guests.

We were discussing last minute details on the phone while he headed to the airport when he got a call on the other line from his girlfriend. He took the call and I sat on hold for a full 2 minutes before he got back online to tell me that her flight from Chicago to Pgh was cancelled and she wouldn't be arriving until the next day.

That sucked. He had to turn around and come home *and* he had to get on the phone and call all the guests coming to his house to tell them that there was no surprise party.

I say we should have still had the party. The plan was set in motion ... why stop it? Now who's going to drink all of this beer and wine? ha ha. Want me to ask another stupid question?

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