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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Ring in my Ears

Two Nights ... Great Music ... fun with tons of friends and the weekend isn't over yet.

Friday night after the gallery crawl we all headed to the restaurant Trilogy for an outdoor all house music DJ event. It was so nice to be down in the city listening and dancing to music while being surrounded by the skyscrapers. Some good friends of mine pulled this party off successfully. Hopefully they can turn it into an on going thing. The weather was beautiful and the vibe was tight. Too bad my pictures don't do it justice:

Saturday night was the Shadowlounge's 7 Year Anniversary. I was in no shape to go out to this party after Friday night plus I spent 6 hours working on my backyard Saturday afternoon and had dinner with a friend visiting from out of town ... but I was on the guest list (thanks 'Jack') so I had to check it out. The flyer alone should give you some indication of how this party went off:

You know what I like the best about the shadowlounge? The fact that they have a no smoking policy. I don't reek of smoke after coming home from that place.

My ears are ringing though ... and I'm beat ...

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