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Monday, June 18, 2007

Night Moods

Last Friday was the start of a new bi monthly techno DJ night at a club called Remedy in Lawrencville. 3 of my friends from the Technoir Audio crew are hosting the event and they have asked me to help promote so I'm using my old mailing lists from the Club Havana days* to help make people aware of the night. The first evening of this new bimonthly went well ... the crowd was mostly made up of old technoheads, girlfriends of said technoheads and a few stragglers that happened upon the night and were drunk enough to stay and dance to the throbbing 4 on the floor beat.

If we can get a regular audience then maybe the night will succeed ... and if you're from Pittsburgh you'll understand how hard the goal in that last statement actually is ...

*Back Story: For the last 7 years I was a full time promoter and part time DJ for Club Havana in Shadyside. House and Techno Music. All of this came to an end when the club was sold in March of this year.


Evil Genius said...

I thought the back story was irrelevant?

J (Son et Lumiere) ... said...

It is now 'not necessary' .. .reading it is optional - skip it if you already know it.